Bug Fixes

  • Issue 2073: Changes that depend on outdated patch sets were missing in the related changes list.

    After rebasing the first change the other changes disappeared from the related changes list.

  • Don’t list the same change twice in related changes.

  • Fix plugin API packaging.

    Parts from JGit’s signed library were included in the plugin API. As a consequence unit tests were failing to execute against it.

  • Fix IllegalArgumentException in task queue comparator.

    This could happen if you have a long queue and the state of a task (DONE, CANCELLED, RUNNING, READY, SLEEPING, OTHER) changes while the sorting is ongoing.

  • Delegate to the filters for init and destroy phases in AllRequestFilter.

    This fixes a bug that prevented javamelody from working properly.

  • Fix ArrayOutOfBoundsException on initial commits.

    This happened if a new patch set was given for an initial commit in a repository.

  • Issue 2320, Issue 2360: Enable syntax highlighting for CXX, HXX, Python, Go, Scala, BUCK and .gitmodules.

  • Preserve SNAPSHOT suffix in Maven artifact names.

    The SNAPSHOT suffix was being removed, which prevented Buck from downloading the Gitblit plugin’s custom artifacts from the Gerritforge repository.

  • Always show repo download command if repo download scheme is enabled.

  • Minor fixes in the documentation.