Gerrit 2.11.6 is now available:

There are no schema changes from 2.11.5.

Bug Fixes


  • Issue 3742: Use merge strategy for mergeability testing on Rebase if Necessary strategy.

    When pushing several interdependent commits to a project with the Rebase if Necessary strategy, all the commits except the first one were marked as Cannot merge.

  • Issue 3762: Fix server error when querying changes with the query ssh command.

  • Fix server error when listing annotated/signed tag that has no tagger info.

  • Issue 3698: Fix creation of the administrator user on databases with pre-allocated auto-increment column values.

    When using a database configuration where auto-increment column values are pre-allocated, it was possible that the Administrators group was created with an ID other than 1. In this case, the created admin user was not added to the correct group, and did not have the correct admin permissions.

  • Issue 3018: Fix query for changes using a label with a group operator.

    The group operator was being ignored when searching for changes with labels because the search index does not contain group information.

  • Fix online reindexing of changes that don’t already exist in the index.

    Changes are now always reloaded from the database during online reindex.

  • Fix reviewer suggestion for accounts containing upper case letters.

    When an email for an account contained upper-case letter(s), this account couldn’t be added as a reviewer by selecting it from the suggested list of accounts.


  • Fix handling of lowercase HTTP username.

    When auth.userNameToLowerCase is set to true the HTTP-provided username should be converted to lowercase as it is done on all the other authentication mechanisms.

  • Don’t create new account when claimed OAuth identity is unknown.

    The Claimed Identity feature was enabled to support old Google OpenID accounts, that cannot be activated anymore. In some corner cases, when for example the URL is not from the production Gerrit site, for example on a staging instance, the OpenID identity may deviate from the original one. In case of mismatch, the lookup of the user for the claimed identity would fail, causing a new account to be created.


  • Issue 3714: Improve visibility of comments on dark themes.

  • Fix highlighting of search results and trailing whitespaces in intraline diff chunks.


  • Issue 3768: Fix usage of EqualsFilePredicate in plugins.

  • Suggest to upgrade installed plugins per default during site initialization to new Gerrit version.

    The default was No which resulted in some sites not upgrading core plugins and running the wrong versions.

  • Replication

    • Recursively include parent groups of groups specified in authGroup.

      An authGroup could be included in other groups and should be granted the same permission as its parents.

    • Put back erroneously removed documentation of remote.NAME.timeout.

    • Add logging of cancelled replication events.

  • API

    • Allow to use CurrentSchemaVersion.

    • Allow to use InternalChangeQuery.query().

    • Allow to use JdbcUtil.port().

    • Allow to use GWTORM Key classes.

Documentation Updates

  • Issue 412: Update documentation of commentlink.match regular expression to clarify that the expression is applied to the rendered HTML.

  • Remove warning about unstable change edit REST API endpoints.

    These endpoints should be considered stable since version 2.11.

  • Document that ldap.groupBase and ldap.accountBase are repeatable.