Gerrit 2.11.3 is now available:

There are no schema changes from 2.11.2.

Bug Fixes

  • Do not suggest inactive accounts.

    When, for example, adding accounts to a group, the drop down list would also suggest inactive accounts.

    Inactive accounts are now excluded from the suggestion.

  • Fix performance of side-by-side diff screen for huge files.

    The Render=Slow preference was not being disabled for huge files, resulting in poor performance on most browsers.

  • Prefer JavaScript clipboard API if available.

    Modern versions of Chrome support a draft clipboard API from JavaScript that allows copying without use of a Flash widget. If the API appears to be available in the browser, it is now used instead of the Flash widget.

  • Fix markdown rendering for the Gitiles plugin.

    The Gitiles project uses the grappa library which causes a class collision with parboiled which was used by Gerrit. This resulted in markdown files not being rendered by the Gitiles plugin.

  • Fix submodule subscription for nested projects.

    If the project name was a/b, and a project named b also existed, the subscription would be incorrectly set on project b.

  • Issue 3478: Show correct status line for draft patch sets.

    If a new patch set was uploaded as draft to an existing published change, the status line did not reflect the draft status of the now current patch set.

  • Issue 3477: Fix client error when current patch set is not visible to user.

    If the latest patch set of a change was a draft that was not visible to the logged in user, clicking on the side by side diff link caused a javascript error on the client.

  • Issue 3468: Include URL to change in "change closed" error message.

    Instead of only the change number, the error message now includes the URL to the change.

  • Issue 3366: Call NewProjectCreatedListeners after project creation is complete.

    The listeners were being called before all project details had been created and recorded.

  • Issue 3505: Add "Uploaded patch set 1" message for changes created via the UI.

  • Issue 3504: Prevent users from publishing change edits if they have not signed the CLA.

    It was possible for users who had not signed the Contribution License Agreement (CLA) to publish change edits on projects that require a CLA.

  • Issue 2209: Honor username provided by container.

  • Stop logging unknown group membership for null UUID. Null UUIDs are now skipped rather than spamming the log.

    UUIDs which have no registered backends are still logged. These may be errors caused by plugins not loading that an admin should pay attention to and try to resolve.


  • Update Guice to 4.0.

  • Replace parboiled 1.1.7 with grappa 1.0.4.