gerrit logging set-level - set the logging level.

gerrit logging set - set the logging level.


ssh -p <port> <host> gerrit logging set-level | set


Set the logging level of specified loggers.



Required; logging level for which the loggers should be set. 'reset' can be used to revert all loggers back to their level at deployment time.


Set the level of the loggers which contain the input argument in their name. If this argument is not provided, all loggers will have their level changed. Note that this argument has no effect if 'reset' is passed in LEVEL.


Caller must have the ADMINISTRATE_SERVER capability.


Change the logging level of the loggers in the package to DEBUG.

$ssh -p 29418 gerrit logging set-level debug

Reset the logging level of every logger to what they were at deployment time.

$ssh -p 29418 gerrit logging set-level reset