ScanTrackingIds - Rescan changes to index trackingids


'java' -jar gerrit.war 'ScanTrackingIds' -d <SITE_PATH>


Scans every known change and updates the indexed tracking ids associated with the change, after editing the trackingid configuration in gerrit.config.

This task can take quite some time, but can run in the background concurrently to the server if the database is MySQL or PostgreSQL. If the database is H2, this task must be run by itself.


This command will be replaced by reindex.

If secondary indexing is enabled (index.type set to LUCENE or SOLR) use reindex.



Location of the gerrit.config file, and all other per-site configuration data, supporting libraries and log files.


Number of threads to perform the scan work with. Defaults to twice the number of CPUs available.


This command can only be run on a server which has direct connectivity to the metadata database, and local access to the managed Git repositories.


To rescan all known trackingids:

$ java -jar gerrit.war ScanTrackingIds -d site_path --threads 16