gerrit gsql - Administrative interface to active database


'ssh' -p <port> <host> 'gerrit gsql'
  [--format {PRETTY | JSON | JSON_SINGLE}]
  [-c QUERY]


Provides interactive query support directly against the underlying SQL database used by the host Gerrit server. All SQL statements are supported, including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE and ALTER.



Set the format records are output in. In PRETTY (the default) records are displayed in a tabular output suitable for reading by a human on a sufficiently wide terminal. In JSON mode records are output as JSON objects using the column names as the property names, one object per line. In JSON_SINGLE mode the whole result set is output as a single JSON object.


Execute the single query statement supplied, and then exit.


Caller must have been granted the Access Database global capability.


Intended for interactive use only, unless format is JSON, or JSON_SINGLE.


To manually correct a user’s SSH user name:

$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit gsql
Welcome to Gerrit Code Review v2.0.25
(PostgreSQL 8.3.8)
Type '\h' for help.  Type '\r' to clear the buffer.
gerrit> update accounts set ssh_user_name = 'alice' where account_id=1;
UPDATE 1; 1 ms
gerrit> \q
$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit flush-caches --cache sshkeys --cache accounts