Gerrit Code Review can manage and generate hyperlinks to gitweb, allowing users to jump from Gerrit content to the same information, but shown by gitweb.

Internal/Managed gitweb

In the internal configuration, Gerrit inspects the request, enforces its project level access controls, and directly executes gitweb.cgi if the user is authorized to view the page.

To enable the internal configuration, set gitweb.cgi with the path of the installed CGI. This defaults to /usr/lib/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi, which is a common installation path for the gitweb package on Linux distributions.

git config --file $site_path/etc/gerrit.config gitweb.cgi /usr/lib/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi
git config --file $site_path/etc/gerrit.config --unset gitweb.url

Alternatively, if Gerrit is served behind reverse proxy, it can generate different URLs for gitweb’s links (they need to be rewritten to <gerrit>/gitweb?args on the web server). This allows for serving gitweb under a different URL than the Gerrit instance. To enable this feature, set both: gitweb.cgi and gitweb.url.

git config --file $site_path/etc/gerrit.config gitweb.cgi /usr/lib/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi
git config --file $site_path/etc/gerrit.config gitweb.url /pretty/path/to/gitweb

After updating '$site_path'/etc/gerrit.config, the Gerrit server must be restarted and clients must reload the host page to see the change.


Most of the gitweb configuration file is handled automatically by Gerrit Code Review. Site specific overrides can be placed in '$site_path'/etc/gitweb_config.perl, as this file is loaded as part of the generated configuration file.

Logo and CSS

If the package-manager installed CGI (/usr/lib/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi) is being used, the stock CSS and logo files will be served from either /usr/share/gitweb or /var/www.

Otherwise, Gerrit expects gitweb.css and git-logo.png to be found in the same directory as the CGI script itself. This matches with the default source code distribution, and most custom installations.

Access Control

Access controls for internally managed gitweb page views are enforced using the standard project READ +1 permission.

External/Unmanaged gitweb

In the external configuration, gitweb runs under the control of an external web server, and Gerrit access controls are not enforced.

To enable the external gitweb integration, set gitweb.url with the URL of your gitweb CGI.

The CGI’s $projectroot should be the same directory as gerrit.basePath, or a fairly current replica. If a replica is being used, ensure it uses a full mirror, so the refs/changes/* namespace is available.

git config --file $site_path/etc/gerrit.config gitweb.url
git config --file $site_path/etc/gerrit.config --unset gitweb.cgi

After updating '$site_path'/etc/gerrit.config, the Gerrit server must be restarted and clients must reload the host page to see the change.

Access Control

Gitweb access controls can be implemented using standard web server access controls. This isn’t typically integrated with Gerrit’s own access controls. Caution must be taken to ensure the controls are consistent if access needs to be restricted.

Caching Gitweb

If your repository set is large and you are expecting a lot of users, you may want to look at the caching forks used by high-traffic sites like or

Alternatives to gitweb

There are other alternatives to gitweb that can also be used with Gerrit, such as cgit.

cgit can be used by specifying gitweb.type to be cgit.

It is also possible to define custom patterns.

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