This step is only necessary if we need to create an unofficial JGit snapshot release and publish it to the Google Cloud Storage.

Prepare the Maven Environment

First, make sure you have done the necessary configuration in Maven settings.xml.

To apply the necessary settings in JGit’s pom.xml, follow the instructions in Configuration for Subprojects in pom.xml, or apply the provided diff by executing the following command in the JGit workspace:

  git apply /path/to/gerrit/tools/jgit-snapshot-deploy-pom.diff

Prepare the Release

Since JGit has its own release process we do not push any release tags. Instead we will use the output of git describe as the version of the current JGit snapshot.

In the JGit workspace, execute the following command:

  ./tools/ --release $(git describe)

Publish the Release

To deploy the new snapshot, execute the following command in the JGit workspace:

  mvn deploy