gsql - Administrative interface to idle database


java -jar gerrit.war gsql
  -d <SITE_PATH>


Interactive query support against the configured SQL database. All SQL statements are supported, including SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE and ALTER.

This command is primarily intended to access a local H2 database which is not currently open by a Gerrit daemon. To access an open database use gerrit gsql over SSH.



Location of the gerrit.config file, and all other per-site configuration data, supporting libraries and log files.


This command can only be run on a server which has direct connectivity to the metadata database, and local access to the managed Git repositories.


To manually correct a user’s SSH user name:

	$ java -jar gerrit.war gsql
	Welcome to Gerrit Code Review v2.0.25
	(PostgreSQL 8.3.8)

	Type '\h' for help.  Type '\r' to clear the buffer.

	gerrit> update accounts set ssh_user_name = 'alice' where account_id=1;
	UPDATE 1; 1 ms
	gerrit> \q