Metrics about Gerrit’s internal state can be sent to external monitoring systems via plugins. See the plugin documentation for details of plugin implementations.


The following metrics are reported.


  • build/label: Version of Gerrit server software.

  • events: Triggered events.


  • proc/birth_timestamp: Time at which the Gerrit process started.

  • proc/uptime: Uptime of the Gerrit process.

  • proc/cpu/usage: CPU time used by the Gerrit process.

  • proc/num_open_fds: Number of open file descriptors.

  • proc/jvm/memory/heap_committed: Amount of memory guaranteed for user objects.

  • proc/jvm/memory/heap_used: Amount of memory holding user objects.

  • proc/jvm/memory/non_heap_committed: Amount of memory guaranteed for classes, etc.

  • proc/jvm/memory/non_heap_used: Amount of memory holding classes, etc.

  • proc/jvm/memory/object_pending_finalization_count: Approximate number of objects needing finalization.

  • proc/jvm/gc/count: Number of GCs.

  • proc/jvm/gc/time: Approximate accumulated GC elapsed time.

  • proc/jvm/thread/num_live: Current live thread count.


  • caches/memory_cached: Memory entries.

  • caches/memory_hit_ratio: Memory hit ratio.

  • caches/memory_eviction_count: Memory eviction count.

  • caches/disk_cached: Disk entries used by persistent cache.

  • caches/disk_hit_ratio: Disk hit ratio for persistent cache.


  • http/server/error_count: Rate of REST API error responses.

  • http/server/success_count: Rate of REST API success responses.

  • http/server/rest_api/count: Rate of REST API calls by view.

  • http/server/rest_api/error_count: Rate of REST API calls by view.

  • http/server/rest_api/server_latency: REST API call latency by view.

  • http/server/rest_api/response_bytes: Size of REST API response on network (may be gzip compressed) by view.


  • query/query_latency: Successful query latency, accumulated over the life of the process.

SSH sessions

  • sshd/sessions/connected: Number of currently connected SSH sessions.

  • sshd/sessions/created: Rate of new SSH sessions.

  • sshd/sessions/authentication_failures: Rate of SSH authentication failures.

SQL connections

  • sql/connection_pool/connections: SQL database connections.


  • jgit/block_cache/cache_used: Bytes of memory retained in JGit block cache.

  • jgit/block_cache/open_files: File handles held open by JGit block cache.


  • git/upload-pack/request_count: Total number of git-upload-pack requests.

  • git/upload-pack/phase_counting: Time spent in the 'Counting…​' phase.

  • git/upload-pack/phase_compressing: Time spent in the 'Compressing…​' phase.

  • git/upload-pack/phase_writing: Time spent transferring bytes to client.

  • git/upload-pack/pack_bytes: Distribution of sizes of packs sent to clients.


  • notedb/update_latency: NoteDb update latency by table.

  • notedb/stage_update_latency: Latency for staging updates to NoteDb by table.

  • notedb/read_latency: NoteDb read latency by table.

  • notedb/parse_latency: NoteDb parse latency by table.

  • notedb/auto_rebuild_latency: NoteDb auto-rebuilding latency by table.

  • notedb/auto_rebuild_failure_count: NoteDb auto-rebuilding attempts that failed by table.

Replication Plugin

  • plugins/replication/replication_latency: Time spent pushing to remote destination.

  • plugins/replication/replication_delay: Time spent waiting before pushing to remote destination.

  • plugins/replication/replication_retries: Number of retries when pushing to remote destination.