gerrit set-reviewers - Add or remove reviewers to a change


ssh -p <port> <host> gerrit set-reviewers
  [--project <PROJECT> | -p <PROJECT>]
  [--add <REVIEWER> …​ | -a <REVIEWER> …​]
  [--remove <REVIEWER> …​ | -r <REVIEWER> …​]


Adds or removes reviewers to the specified change, sending email notifications when changes are made.

Changes can be specified in the same format supported by the REST API.



Name of the project the intended change is contained within. This option must be supplied before Change-Id in order to take effect.


A user that should be added as reviewer to the change or a group for which all members should be added as reviewers to the change. Multiple users and groups can be added at once as reviewers by using this option multiple times.


Remove this user from the reviewer list of the change. Multiple users can be removed at once from the reviewer list by using this option multiple times.


Display site-specific usage information


Any user who has configured an SSH key.


This command is intended to be used in scripts.


Add reviewers alice and bob, but remove eve from change Iac6b2ac2.

	$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit set-reviewers \
	  -a -a \
	  -r \

Add reviewer elvis to old-style change id 1935 specifying that the change is in project "graceland"

	$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit set-reviewers \
	  --project graceland \
	  -a \

Add all project owners as reviewers to change Iac6b2ac2.

	$ ssh -p 29418 gerrit set-reviewers \
	  -a "'Project Owners'" \